Evaluation of NHS 111 PRM


Improving the delivery of urgent and emergency care (UEC) services in London is a main priority of NHS England London. To this aim, NHS England London has implemented the Patient Relationship Manager (PRM) system, a Cloud-based clinical record system, designed to improve patient care by information sharing. It works by assisting in directing NHS 111 calls to the most appropriate health care professional depending on the nature of the call. The economic analysis of the PRM aims to estimate the incremental cost of the service and the potential benefit in economic terms. The expected benefits of the PRM from an economic perspective are the operational efficiencies for both integrated Urgent Care Services, and the wider urgent and emergency care networks. These may translate in changes in the use of Urgent Care Services and the potential saving for the NHS.

Principal Investigator: Elena Pizzo

Start date and duration: 2016 – 2017

Partners and collaborators: NIHR CLAHRC North West London:  Ganesh Sathyamoorthy , Woodcock, Thomas , Mable A Nakubulwa, Alan Poots; Imperial College: Ian Maconochie; HEALTHY LONDON PARTNERSHIP: Craig Tucker, Samit Shah, Eileen Sutton; NELSCU: Andrea Magusin, Picker Europe: Sarah-Ann Burger, Cara Witwicki; Amy Tallett