Linking health and local government data at household level to understand social determinants of health


The social determinants of health substantially impact on health and care outcomes and service utilisation, but without linked social and health data, no local area can systematically quantify their impact to inform decision-making.

This project aims to create an linked dataset between NHS and local government data using addresses coded with the unique property reference number (UPRN) which can be pseudonymised ‘at source’ for linkage. The project will also:

  • Develop the governance structures for linking, storing and using such information for service and research purposes
  • Share and develop analytical capacity across the local NHS, local authority, and academia

Principal investigator

Lead for the entire project= Sarah Dougan, London borough of Islington (lead at UCL: Jessica Sheringham)

Start date and duration

1 January 2018-31 March 2019; 15 months

Partners and collaborators

Partners: NEL Commissioning Support Unit (CSU); Collaborators:  Islington CCG, Wellbeing Board partnership board members including : North London STP, through Dr Cathy Kelly, Chief Clinical Information Officer