Our virtual document review panel

In order to ensure our research and communication materials are clear and accessible we have recruited a virtual Document Review Panel. Our twenty panellists are a diverse groups of patients, carers and members of the public. The Panel offers an opportunity to get involved in our work to those who may find it challenging to attend meetings, or those who live large distances from our CLAHRC office locations.

This Group evaluates Consent Forms, Patient Information Sheets, and recruitment material to ensure anyone considering taking part in our work can make a decision based on high quality and clear information reviewed by laypeople. They have also assisted us in designing questionnaires and surveys, and reviewed draft grant applications to ensure they are sufficiently clear, and patient-focused.

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When reviewing these documents questions we ask the Panel to think about include;

How much information is in the documents? 

How much of a burden will taking part in this project be?

Is it clear

  • How research will be conducted?

  • What will happen to personal/confidential information supplied by participants?

  • Who is funding the study?

Would you take part?

Feedback from our researchers has been positive and our reviewers’ work has made a difference –

“Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the reviewers. The information is very useful and I have amended some parts of the Patient Information Sheet as a result of the feedback.”

“Comments made on the patient information sheet, consent form and letter have really helped in simplifying the language used to make it more understandable.”

The panel has diversified its role and in addition to more traditional research documents has also scrutinised grant applications, draft academic papers and applications for NIHR Fellowships from CLAHRC researchers.