Research Advisory Panel

The CLAHRC’s Research Advisory Panel is a group of patients, carers and members of the public interested in research. We recruited the Panel from across the North Thames region to offer us some patient and public perspective on our work and bring some patient voice to our projects.

The RAP in action

Since its formation in February 2015 the RAP has an excellent track record in working with researchers at all stages of the research cycle – informing grant applications, shaping research design early in a study all the way through to assisting and advising on dissemination.

The Panel has engaged with over thirty projects and studies over thirteen meetings. RAP members have been co-applicants on grant applications, presented research and been part of Panel discussions at academic conferences, given seminars and master classes on involvement to NHS and academic audiences and delivered training to CLAHRC PhD students on writing lay summaries.

Our panellists are from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring experience and expertise in a number of different areas.

What is it like being involved in our Panel? Panel member Vickie speaks about her experience