Methodological innovations in economic evaluations: multisectoral costs and benefits, cost measurement, and measuring the cost-effectiveness of implementation programmes


The funding situation in the NHS means that economic evaluation of services and treatments is becoming ever more important for decision makers. Different types of economic analysis can be conducted, each producing different information prioritising different components. We want to see what economic information decision-makers in health and social care use and need when evaluating interventions, and from which perspectives costs should be measured. We are particularly interested in investigating how costs should be measured to account for impacts across different healthcare providers.

The first part of the project uses data from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) technology appraisals and Hospital Prescribing England to investigate the links between the components of the economic evaluation and the uptake of the treatment. We will then conduct a discrete choice experiment to study what aspects influence choice behaviour. This information will give an insight into how decisions are made in the health and social care sector, and what information decision-makers require.

Principal Investigator: Professor Steve Morris, University College London

Start date and duration: April 2015, 3 years

Partners and collaborators involved: University College London