Exploration of clinical researcher experiences of the informed consent process in the emergency department


In order to improve the care of patients admitted to hospital emergency departments, research is needed for the continuing development of evidence-based treatments. However, it can be challenging to obtain informed consent for research in an emergency setting for a variety of reasons. This study explores the views of research practitioners around consent in an emergency setting.

The project involves undertaking a qualitative study investigating informed consent in the emergency setting using focus groups with staff. The findings of this project will help inform the development of a three-year study that will fully explore the views of patients, families and research practitioners. Having a greater understanding of public views on consent in emergency settings will help inform the development of future studies in emergency settings.

Researcher: Imogen Skene, University College London,

Supervisor: Dr Sophie Park, University College London

Start date & duration: 31 March 2017, one year

Partners and collaborators involved: University College London, Barts Health NHS Trust, Health Education English working across North Central and East London.