SPACE for Dementia and Long Term Conditions study: Social and Psychological factors Affecting primary Care planning Effectiveness for people with dementia and other long term conditions

Summary / Description

My PhD focuses on people with dementia and long term conditions which are common is older people such as diabetes, stroke or COPD. I am interested in how primary care professionals can support people living with dementia manage their physical health through widening social and care networks. My PhD aims to co-produce a resource to improve primary care through understanding how people with cognitive impairments can best be supported to manage their physical health.

Principal Investigator/ Supervisors

Supervisors include Prof Claudia Cooper (UCL) and Prof Kate Walters (UCL)

Start date and duration

October 2018, 3 year PhD

Partners and collaborators involved

PhD is a UCL, Bloomsbury and East London DTP Co-funded and Collaborative Studentship with the Economic and Social Research Council and NIHR CLARHC North Thames. The PhD is also involved with NIDUS (New Intervention for Independence in Dementia) Study at UCL.