Integrated legal advice and health services


This project focuses on services that bring together healthcare and social welfare legal advice, with the aim of supporting patients holistically and addressing the social causes and consequences of disease. This approach, also known as ‘health justice partnership’ has gained momentum internationally and has potential to influence public health and wellbeing. Examples from across the UK demonstrate a wide variety of service models that link up healthcare and legal advice services; however, little is known about these partnerships, what they are doing and achieving, how collaboration is taking place and what it takes to do this successfully. This PhD investigation will examine different models of integrating healthcare and legal advice services and the elements of this approach that determine successful collaboration and service outcomes. This will inform the effective design of health justice partnerships, ways they can be adapted in different settings and potential future directions for the UK health service.

Principal Investogator/Supervisors

Professor Rosalind Raine / Professor Dame Hazel Genn / Dr Charlotte Woodhead

Start date / Duration

24th September 2018 3 years