Funded by and Supported by NIHR logos

These logos were designed to visually demonstrate funding and support of research projects by the NIHR. Supported by NIHR logos can be used by researchers, charities and companies that conduct research with the support and expertise of the NIHR Infrastructure.

Read the NIHR Guidance on the use of these logos

The ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo is for researchers/teams funded by an NIHR research programme.

  • NIHR Academy award where research is funded by the NIHR

Funded by NIHR logo – colour

Funded by NIHR logo – black

Funded by NIHR logo – white

The ‘Supported by NIHR’ logo is for users of our Network and research funders we have supported through study delivery, expertise or dedicated facilities.

Supported by NIHR logo – colour

Supported by NIHR logo – black

Supported by NIHR logo – white

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