Celebrating Patient and Public Involvement in our research

A new short film celebrates the impact of involving patients and the public in our work! Some of our valued public contributors, alongside senior and early career CLAHRC researchers reflect on being part of the CLAHRC and look ahead to NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North Thames.

#getinvolved #todaysresearchtomorrowscare

Reflections from contributors  and researchers below give a flavour of what involvement means to them

“Getting involved in research for me is a passion for furthering healthcare”

“The researchers and clinicians learnt from me and I learnt from them”

“Your views and opinions are equally important”

“They (researchers) might not have lived through what you have lived through”

“It’s like our own little community”

“The people I have met have been from everywhere. Different religions, different races different stories different jobs”

“Please do (get involved) we really want your advice you’re experts in your own health”

“It makes a material difference to research. You ask questions we would not think of”

“Today’s research is tomorrow care”