Category 2 – Early career researcher, including PhD students, service user researchers and members of CLAHRC Fellowship Programmes

This award will recognise an early career researcher, PhD student, service user researcher or Fellow. They will need to demonstrate their commitment to developing their experience and expertise in working with patients, service users, carers, families and communities in the design, delivery and evaluation of their work to ensure that their research or improvement addresses the needs and preferences of those using healthcare services.

This award is open to researchers who can demonstrate a direct connection with the London CLAHRC programmes for example through funding, supervision and mentoring or scrutiny in the CLAHRC governance structures.

Before entering, read and consider the following success criteria carefully

What the judging panel will be looking for:

1. Activity that has been designed and delivered with the input of patients and carers from as an early stage as possible

2.Attempts to involve and engage people who are less likely to be heard but have much to say for example children and young people, those with learning difficulties or sensory impairments and people from minority communities including carers

3.Reflection and a desire to improve the practice of patient and carer involvement moving it away from a tick-box exercise to a two-way learning process

Background information to help you prepare

Information about eligibility and how to nominate (Brian_Turley_Awards_Eligibility criteria)

Information about preparing a nomination (Brian_Turley_Awards_Nomination information)

Nomination Form (Brian_Turley_Awards_Nomination form)